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Written by Kurt Hoffman   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 23:47

Back in the “olden times”, families would tell their stories while sharing a meal around the dinner table, while sitting out on the front porch, or in the backyard under the trees. These were the stories of our long summers, the stories of our family history, stories filled with life lessons and wisdom.


Usually the elder’s of the “clan” held court and presided over the storytelling; it was a time to pass on the stories that defined who they were and who they would eventually become. By extension, this would also later define their children and their children’s children. Times have seemed to change and life is much faster. There are cell phone calls to answer, text messages to be typed, emails to be read, video games to be played, and “must-see” TV to be watched. We are all plugged-in, yet tuned out to one another. Family face-time is of less importance, the views of our elders are of less relevance.


“Voices from Our Past: an Elder’s View” is an attempt to keep some of these oral traditions alive. “Elders” are encouraged to submit a reminiscence of the area, a reflection of what their world was like then, and what their view is of the world now. Storytellers who can spin a yarn are sought. Children or grandchildren can submit oral histories or personal interviews that they have conducted of their grandparents. A key component of submissions to this byline is to fashion the article so that it is less idiosyncratic and more able to be generalized: that the message appeals and applies to the readership in general and not just the individual submitter of the article in particular.


“In telling them (stories), we are telling each other the human story.Stories that touch us in this place of common humanness awaken usand weave us together as a family once again”.

“Kitchen Table Wisdom” - Rachel Naomi Remen


Please adhere to the General Submission Guidelines when submitting an article. Submissions that do not follow those guidelines cannot be considered for publication.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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