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Written by Craig Etchison   
Wednesday, 10 September 2008 00:18


Please adhere to the Appalachian Independent's General Submission Guidelines when submitting an article.

Submissions that do not follow those guidelines cannot be considered for publication.


">We are open to almost any subject that is directly or indirectly related to the environment.


With news articles of a scientific nature, we are interested only in information based on solid, scientific evidence. A way to determine whether your information fits that mold is to ask if the data has been peer reviewed (anything that is not peer reviewed is highly suspect) and/or if the data are generally accepted by the scientific community.

For example, to say that global warming is a hoax is not supported by a massive volume of scientific data that has undergone rigorous scientific review. Thus we will not print articles calling global warming a hoax. (Some people still believe the world is flat, but the scientific data clearly show otherwise; thus nothing is to be gained by giving voice to patently false assertions.)

We are interested in articles about individuals or groups or schools who are making an environmental difference, whether if be locally, regionally, or in some other part of the world. We’re always interested in articles that focus on individuals who are doing something good for the planet, no matter how small it may seem.

We are interested in articles about new or cutting edge technology that has come on line to help protect our environment. We are especially interested in technology related to sustainable power generation. 

We are interested in articles about how politics/politicians are affecting the environment. We are especially interested in articles explaining pending bills before Congress (or local/state political bodies), what those bills mean for the environment and the people who live in that environment, and, most especially, how readers can register their views with officials.


The Views part of this section will offer a discussion forum for environmental topics that generate multiple points of view. One example would be wind turbines on Appalachian Mountains. Position papers must be clear and logical in their presentation. Articles that deteriorate into name calling and emotional rhetoric will not be published.


Our Blue Planet: News and Views is particularly wide open because almost everything we do—be it washing our hands with anti-bacterial soap or drinking bottled water—affects our environment. Please feel free to think in the widest possible ways if considering an article for this section.


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