Maple Syrup from City Trees Donated to the Frostburg Food Pantry Print
Written by John Kirby   
Tuesday, 02 May 2017 20:59

Frostburg Syrup Mayor Flanigan and Members of the City Council delivered 8 cases, each containing 12-8 oz. (half pint) bottles of real Maple Syrup to Vicki Peterson and Bob Duncan of the Frostburg Food Pantry for distribution to families in the Frostburg area.  The City was contacted by Piney Creek Maple, a local maple syrup producer, about the potential of tapping a limited number of sugar maple trees in the City’s Piney Reservoir Watershed.  The trees are not in an area that can sustain timber harvesting and so the tapping of the trees will have no impact on the future monetary value of the trees.  The vast majority of the maples trees in the watershed are not be eligible for this process.  The process and oversight was provided by the Maryland Forest Service, who helps the City manage the watershed timber resources.


The normal per tap rate paid by a maple sugar operation to tap trees is very limited, since it takes 10 gallons of raw sap or sugar water to make a single quart of syrup.  Instead of collected the small amount of cash the City opted to receive $1.00 and take the balance in syrup that could be donated to the Frostburg Food Pantry.  The 8 oz. bottles cost $96, but were paid for by donations from City employees. 


This natural, locally made food, makes a direct connect between the trees in the City’s watershed and those families needing a little assistance with their basic food needs.  The City leaders expressed appreciation to the Maryland Forest Service for helping with the transaction and encourages area residents to help support the Frostburg Food Pantry.  

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