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Written by Jeff Davis   
Wednesday, 14 August 2013 09:50

Carpenter 2   Carpenters In The Forehead/ “Become A Muslim & Start Killing People Today”

charlie hebdo 6


 An article in the Washington Post recently detailed a “Wave of bombings in Iraq during holiday….”

It might be more apt to call it a tsunami of massacre in describing the people who have no lack of capacity for depravity. They terrorize by making it clear that you are safe nowhere, that death will stalk you whenever you leave the house.

Reading news reports on bombings in Iraq, nothing short of a constant barrage offending your senses, there is always the mention of violence “threatening to spiral out of control.”

Read of the events of just one day this week, and I think you will agree that it isn’t threatening to spiral out of control, its centripetal force is already on a par with the centrifuges in Iran. (All quotes are from the Washington Post.)

So why don’t we gather up the kids and enjoy a nice day out to celebrate the end of our holy month? We can head down to the outdoor market at Jisr Diyala.

”a car bomb exploded near an outdoor market in the southeastern Baghdad suburb of Jisr Diyala”

Whoops! Bad choice for the market that day.

Let’s go hook up with our Shiite friends. I know a parking lot that’s free, since it’s the end of the holy holiday.

“a car bomb went off in a parking lot in the mainly Shiite New Baghdad neighborhood”

Wrong time, wrong place.   Should have listened to dear Mom and stayed home.

A new café just opened down in the ‘hood.   We’re going to meet our Shiite friends for some coffee this afternoon.   Come join us for some savory brew.

“a car bomb exploded near a cafe in Baghdad’s Shiite neighborhood of Abu Dashir”

“a car bomb exploded near a cafe in Baghdad’s southwestern neighborhood of Baiyaa”

Oh-oh! Went out for coffee, came home in a box.

It gets a bit difficult to know where you can go to avoid those ubiquitous car bombs.

“a car bomb hit a restaurant in the Shiite area of Kazimiyah”

“a suicide bomber drove his explosives-laden car into a residential area in the town of Tuz Khormato”



 “another car bomb exploded in a busy street in the Shiite neighborhood of Amil”

“a car bomb explosion in the Shiite neighborhood of Shaab in northeastern Baghdad”

“a car bomb hit near a restaurant in the city’s northeastern suburb of Husseiniyah”

“ car bomb on a commercial street in the Dora area of southern Baghdad”

More explosions and more deaths:

   “ in a park south of Baghdad”

     “in the holy Shiite city of Karbala”

     “in the southern city of Nasiriyah”

     “in the northern city of Kirkuk”

Besides the sickening repetition of car bomb, car bomb, car bomb, did you notice anything else in this catalogue of death?   Shiite neighborhood. Shiite neighborhood. Shiite neighborhood.

All this carnage, all in one day, the last day for devout Muslims of the holy month of Ramadan. So pious that the haters of Shiites express their religious faith by viciousness.

charlie hebdo 4

If this is what is tolerated by the Islamic clerics in Iraq, it is a disgusting religion, one that needs to be castigated and condemned, again and again and again, until the end of time.

So guess who might be the bomb-heads? Say, “ the Sunnis and their loved-ones al Qeda,” and you get to wear on your head for three full weeks the Prophet’s turban with a stick of lit dynamite.

jyllandsposten bombhead


So why all this internecine slaughter? They can’t blame the U.S. any more for occupying Iraqi territory, but I suppose that they can once again fault Israel, given that in the Muslim mind-set, Jews are always to blame.

The rock-bottom truth, however, is that the use of terrorist attacks on civilians is a wide-spread tactic in the Middle East, championed by the Praise-Be-Allah, Here’s-a-Bomb, Muslims.  Their religion is a throw-back to medeival times, and their violence in the name of religion is on a par with that mentality.

Mohammed real killer

But why have any feelings of guilt for the atrocities you commit? When you have Allah on your side, any horrific killings are nothing to worry about, for a pleasure garden of sensual delights awaits you in heaven. Martyrdom is nothing short of bliss soon to be embraced.

charlie hebdo 6

Bomb-head here, bomb-head there, here a bomb, there a bomb, everywhere you go, a head-bomb.


Islam in Iraq: evil to the core, deserving of absolutely no respect, but absolutely deserving of being dumped on.

Mohammed poop


Respect for a religion has to be earned, and certainly not when inflicting perpetual brutality.


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Comments (3)
Respectful Dialogue?
Kara RogersThomas
Friday, 16 August 2013 07:14
What you're referring to is a geopolitical situation which feeds on an already fierce split between two Muslim populations. It's important to remember that Muslim populations are found all over the world. According to Pew Research Statistics, "China has more Muslims than Syria, while Russia is home to more Muslims than Jordan and Libya combined."
Your headline is a gross generalization -intended for shock value, perhaps--that does little to further understanding or encourage dialogue. Sociology's Labeling Theory would caution against such generalizations--labeling in such a way could actually result in those who are labeled acting even more deviantly in response to that label.
respectful dialogue
Jeff Davis
Monday, 19 August 2013 09:17
I certainly realize that there are a billion Muslims and that most followers of the religion are not violent. However, the atrocities committed in the name of Islam originate with the instigation and approval of the leading clerics in the Middle East. As such, they deserve no respect when they clearly have the choice of denouncing the behavior of their devout radicals who murder innocents. The thought that labeling Muslims as violent somehow prevents "further understanding" seems to me a bit absurd. I have no desire to try to understand the terrorism that is inflicted on their populace, and I refuse to accept the labeling theory that says condemning evil behavior will somehow be responsible for more disgusting murders.
If you choose to be part of the Muslim religion, you should be aware of the mind-set of your spiritual leaders, and I would maintain that, as such, you are a tacit enabler when they promote hatred and violence.
The title you may see as intended for shock value, but those words pale when compared to the shocking brutality that is a daily occurrence in Muslim societies.
About as stupid as the behavior it purportedly condemns
Les Genser
Saturday, 12 October 2013 15:48
It is hard to take a presumably thought out and considered rant like this seriously when the author resorts to badly photoshopped images of the Prophet being shat on as the capstone of his argument. Not only offensive and insensitive, it is also brilliance of a type usually reserved for playground disputes of five year olds (or Fox 'news' commentators).
The level of historical ignorance on display here is truly inspiring. As Ms. Rogers-Thomas correctly points out, the situation in question is political and economic, not religious. In this, the factions instigating the violence have borrowed a page from the playbook of past and present conflicts such as the Irish 'troubles', the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, oh what the hell, fill in the is always the same. It is not about religion; it never is. It is about money and land and power. It is always about money and power.
That powerful interests throughout history have found that it is easy to manipulate their ground troops via religion and malleable 'religious' authorities should at this late date be news to no one. It has certainly proved easy enough for the tea party in our allegedly sophisticated society.
Do Christians examine the "mind-set" of their spiritual leaders? Have they ever? If they had, it might be harder to account for the crusades, the hundred years war, the genocides of native populations worldwide. (Suggestion: a little historical depth can be enlightening).
Is a sincere follower of Jesus a 'tacit enabler'of these and innumerable other horrors by merely self-identifying as a Christian? Wouldn't the inclusive and pacifist Jesus be himself horrified by this litany if he wasn't constantly distracted by requests for touchdowns?
The teaching of Islam is no more responsible for violence in Iraq than the Sermon on the Mount is responsible for the Inquisition.
Have you actually read the Qur'an? You might be surprised to learn that violence is only permitted in defense (they kinda slack on this one), that violence against other Muslims is strictly prohibited (ditto), and that non combatants are to be scrupulously protected (Uh oh). I trust you get the point. They pay about as much attention to what Islam commands as many, if not most, Christians do with the polite suggestions Jesus had to offer.
(While on the subject, are you aware that 'jihad' in the Qur'an almost always refers to the inner struggle against one's own ego? just a footnote. And one more: The toll of Muslin-on-Muslim violence in the world that we now find so entertaining absolutely pales in comparison to the impressive catalog of Christian-on-Christian atrocities through time. Christian on non-Christian? I won't even go there, I don't think I have to.)
That poor, desperate and ignorant people can be manipulated by cynical power seekers via their own (admittedly misunderstood) religious beliefs to further agendas of no benefit or advantage to themselves should by now be a total no brainer to even the casual observer. ( Tea, anyone?)
It is certainly true that there are Muslim "clerics" who rave and spew hate like mad dogs that need to be put down. In our own country, we have plenty of hate-filled, misogynist, homophobic, nominally Christian headline grabbing bags of sewer gas that need to be similarly punctured.
It is easy to blame unrest and violence on "religious extremism". It is somewhat more complex to consider American imperialism, western economic colonialism, disenfranchisement, dire poverty and hopelessness as contributing to the chaos we see. Obviously too difficult.
It is simplistic and facile to blame "religion". Pity the Prophet, who after all, like many before him, tried his very best to improve the society he found himself in and the lives of the people in it. And like those before him, his words have been bent and co opted by people he would doubtless despise. Ah well, F it.
It's easier to drop a symbolic dog turd on his head.
Really; this is beneath you.
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