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Written by Name withheld by request   
Thursday, 19 November 2015 20:30

This is how the Mayor and Council come across. Let’s begin with arrogance.

A)Because of who I am, I’m better than you are.

B)Because of my intellect, I’m better than you are.

C)Because of my friends (my group), I’m better than you are.

D)Because I am rarely challenged about my decisions, I’m better than you are.

A question of importance given the previous comments- Who is “you?”

Unfortunately, “you” happens to be the citizens of Cumberland. “You” happens to be, in too many cases, far too many cases, the unaware citizens of Cumberland.

The Mayor and Council appear to be an uncontrollable group that has convinced itself that national law, state law, and city law does not apply to them. This attitude is exacerbated by the fact that thus far, City residents have allowed them to carry on unchecked. If this attitude continues, we as a community will experience a tremendous change in the look and feel of the City.

I think it is fair to assume that the majority of Cumberland residents are in favor of economic development, especially since all indicators refer to this area as the poorest in the State. It certainly seems to me that the first priority in becoming economically secure would involve seeking to bring into the area companies that offer decent paying jobs as opposed to minimum wage jobs.

The Mayor, Council and the Economic Development Corporation have forwarded this horrible idea that it is now necessary to destroy many residences in their Rolling Mill Project to engage in economic development. To complete this project, Baltimore Ave. to Lamont St (Oldtown Road) as many as 500-700 homes could be torn down. Someone do the math on City and County taxes lost by destroying so many homes. Surely there are better alternatives.

Since this current administration has been in place, lies have been established to make citizens believe that drugs and criminal activity are so rampant in these targeted areas that the only option is to tear everything down. Unfortunately, it seems that many actually believe this.

Here is the problem- rather than hold slumlords and unsavory landowners responsible for who they rent to, the City would have you believe that it is better to destroy all the affected neighborhoods and replace them with minimum wage small businesses.

Moreover, the City leaders would have you believe that the CSX portion of the area surrounding Martins is so overpriced that it is not economically feasible to pursue it. The reality is that there is no compelling evidence to indicate that the current administration has ever made a serious attempt to negotiate a deal on that plot of land. Just think for a moment how many businesses could be put in that area without impacting a single home.

It’s time for the people of Cumberland to fact check the City government and the Economic Development Corporation. In no time at all you’ll see the arrogance, the ignorance (of the law) and the lies that have been told to us all for a long time.

-Dr. Think About It!

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Comments (3)
Location, Location
Brian Hedrick
Thursday, 19 November 2015 23:48
The CSX property isn't right next to I-68. It would make a great pad for Home Depot. The problem is HD is mainly for local use. People driving through the county on I-68 want food, gas, and maybe unique shopping.

Also, I thought the area slated for development only had around 60 houses.
Signage works
Kara RogersThomas
Friday, 20 November 2015 07:59
I keep hearing this argument about the CSX property not being close enough to the interstate to entice travelers and I'm really not buying it. The Cracker Barrel location and the new Buffalo Wings location in LaVale isn't "right next" to the interstate either. Interstate drivers rely on signage more than sight lines. Chick-Fil-A certainly has no trouble attracting travelers. With regard to unique shopping- let's put more effort into investing in our beautiful, but languishing downtown then. And as for the Rolling Mill plan, the 60 homes currently targeted is just the first wave. Although the Mayor and Council haven't addressed it directly, the Economic Development Corporation-via Shawn Hershberger, has indicated that the development plan is much more expansive than the streets currently targeted. When asked about the geographic scope of the project during an October Mayor and Council meeting, he responded simply with the overall geographic boundaries of the Rolling Mill neighborhood.
Location, Location
Brian Hedrick
Friday, 20 November 2015 14:39
Cracker Barrel is right at the offramp. I think BWW's is competing for local customers unless, like Sheetz, it is positioning early for the future 220 bypass.

If I don't see the restaurant or gas station from the exit ramp, I don't stop. Virginia is bad for having businesses on exit signs that are miles from the interstate.
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