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Friday, 11 March 2016 18:41

Isn’t it ironic that the two couches that have sat on the sidewalk in front of 233 Cecelia St. for the last ten days suddenly disappeared on the morning the Mayor and Cumberland Economic Development Corporation chose to respond to the Rolling Mill/Maryland Ave Redevelopment Project?

Isn’t it ironic that Mayor Grim and Shawn Hershberger, to whom I refer as the Twins of Ineptitude, pointed out that 37,000 vehicles pass the MD Ave. Exit every day, yet they neglected to point out that the same vehicles also pass the Baltimore Ave- Willowbrook Rd Exit, the Downtown Cumberland Exit, the Beall St. Exit and the Green St-220 Exit-many of which already lead to vacant commercial space.

This show of solidarity by the Twins of Ineptitude is a direct response to a letter they received from Attorney John Murphy. What that letter very clearly points out are all the things the CEDC and City of Cumberland have done wrong according to the law. Rather than respond to the letter intellectually, the two appear to have decided to be bullheaded and go on with business as usual.

One of the many issues not mentioned by the Mayor and Mr. Hershberger is their absolute denial of access to what should legally be public information.  Perhaps they can explain that. And since their current focus is on creating minimum wage jobs, maybe they can ask a worker at Buffalo Wings if their lives would be better off making $15 to $20 dollars an hour instead of making minimum wage.

The article in the Monday, March 7th Cumberland Times News is the exact response I expected from these Twins of Ineptitude.

Enough is enough. It’s time that the public knew the full extent of this redevelopment plan; from 1- Baltimore Ave. to Central Ave-2 Emily Street/Williams St/Cecelia St/Park St/Md Ave, to 3 Southside of Williams St to Lamont St/Oldtown Road, to 4 Downtown Cumberland/Roses Complex. Because ultimately, that 4 stage plan would involve the destruction of hundreds of homes.

What we’re seeing now is only the first step. I hope the residents of Cumberland are paying attention. The City wants my house today; who’s to say it won’t want your house tomorrow, next month or next year? 

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