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Written by Mary Miltenberger   
Friday, 29 September 2017 20:39

There has been an interest is dissolving the city and merging with the county for years. There are many ways to do it.

If the charter is removed, the police and fire departments can become a separate taxing district; just like volunteer fire companies are now handled by County.

The overhead of the city administration will be eliminated. That a big part of the cost. No more administrator, attorney,comptroller, clerk, and other staff in city hall.

Street dept will merge with county roads, Dam and water facilities will be plus [sic] for the county to help pay for added expenses. City taxes will be reduced to a minimum helping all taxpayers.

Facilities not needed will be eliminated.  Businesses in the city, which are taxed now with yearly fees,  will be stopped. County should have 5 commissioners from districts for better representation.

This will take some time to accomplish  but it will be better for everyone. We need to start now. The city is in debt and sinking daily regardless of the fake news they put out.


Where the money comes from that will increase the County revenue.when assets like the water source are operated by the county they will more than cover the debt. Besides we can not continue with the city sinking daily into the morass.  The city has been making terrible decisions on multitudes of issues for years.
Ed Athey was the last Mayor trying to keep the debt under control.

Those who have studied the issues like former Mayor Thomas Conlon and the recent comptroller(Joe Urban) who resigned when he heard that Jeff Rhodes was seeking another Bond issue after the 2014 election.The County must take over the city before they create an even bigger mess. Every building the City removes from the tax base affects the county also. Frostburg does not handle their housing issues like Cumberland does.
That is why Bill Valentine,County Commissioner suggested giving up the charter in a recent CTN article.

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