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Written by Kara Rogers Thomas   
Tuesday, 21 April 2020 11:19

Focus Frostburg LogoFrostburg State University’s annual Focus Frostburg Program, a day featuring presentations, programs, and workshops focused on issues of sustainability, is going virtual this year. Originally scheduled to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, program coordinators decided to create a virtual experience to honor that day.


The scheduled program includes a combination of live Zoom presentations, recorded programs, and films. Topics covered include Climate Change Anxiety, the Chemistry of Climate Change, Genetically Engineered Foods, and a participatory sharing of readings and performances highlighting environmental issues. Contributors include FSU students and faculty as well as community members. The program is open to all.


Focus Frostburg goes digital this year! Join us in recognizing the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day.


Wednesday, April 22



Tree Campus USA


Tree Planting with President Nowaczyk


Frostburg State University remains committed to its affiliation with Tree Campus USA, an Arbor Day Foundation program, which honors colleges and universities for effective campus forest management and for engaging staff and students in conservation goals. The Arbor Day Foundation is a nonprofit conservation and education organization that has helped campuses throughout the country plant thousands of trees.




11 AM

Stop Climate Change Now!

Myles Thomas


Join 9-year-old community member, Myles Thomas, as he shares his thoughts on Climate Change and the future potentially facing his generation.

Meeting ID: 980 4049 5728




Reckoning the Anthropocene

Jennifer Browne, facilitator


Participate in an open reading or performance of poetry, prose, songs, or musical scores exploring environmental themes. Join us on Zoom. Click or tap if you trust this link.">


2 PM

Can we use genetic engineering to grow food sustainably and to be more environmentally friendly?

Dr. David Puthoff


While there seems to be an ever-widening divide between the supporters of organic food production and  those embracing food produced with genetic engineering, both systems offer advantages which will be needed to feed the world's population of the future. This presentation will explore, not only what genetic engineering is and how it works, but will offer compromising solutions to take advantage of both extremes to meet in the middle for healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable food production.

Meeting ID: 954 1907 0801



Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Poster Contest


Frostburg State University invites you to participate in this year’s Reduce, Reuse, Recycle poster contest, which highlights the talent and creativity of students in ART 207 Graphic Design. To help communicate environmental awareness for FSU’s celebration of Earth Week, 40 students designed posters for this contest. To view and vote for student-created environmental posters, or for other information about Focus Frostburg, visit People can vote on Facebook by visiting FSU’s LGLG Facebook page (


Schedule for Voting

Voting begins on Monday, April 20. Voting ends Friday, April 24 at Midnight. Winners will be announced on the LGLG Facebook Page Monday, April 27. Winners will receive cash awards of $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place.


On Your Own:


Chemistry of Climate Change
FSU Student Members of the American Chemical Society

Climate change can be difficult to understand because climate is a complex, multi-competent system. Approach climate change from a chemistry perspective to understand the impact of human led changes to the environment by looking at how the ozone layer works, the role of carbon dioxide in ocean acidification, and a take-home activity to explore the green house effect on your own.


9 PM Film Festival


Solutions for Earth Day under Quarantine 


The Earth Day Film Festival Will Host an Online Screening on Earth Day April 22nd. With the stay-at-home orders in effect around the world, many Earth Day events are being canceled. The Earth Day Film Festival is offering a solution for folks interested in continuing to celebrate the world's largest non-secular holiday and the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day from the safety of their home. 


The Earth Day Film Festival has created an inspiring curation of films that best exemplify this year's festival called the “Global Selection”. With over 200 films submitted from 41 countries this year, festival curators crafted a program diverse in content and style, six films with a total running length of 126min. 


April 22nd, 2020, Earth Day, at 9pm Eastern Time, The Earth Day Film Festival will live-stream the “Global Selection” for free on their website. Click or tap if you trust this link."> After which there will be a live participatory webcast with filmmakers. You may register on the site above.


Here is the trailer for the global selection: Click or tap if you trust this link.">



Additional Films:


'The Vision Within' tells the story of a group of FSU college students who travel deep into the heart of the Amazon rainforest to meet an ancient ‘dream culture’ living today in much the same way that they have lived for thousands of years. As they return home from their journey they must find ways to integrate their profound experiences into meaningful, engaged lives in service of their own inner visions and the future of our planet. The film is an exploration of the critical role that our inner visions can play in our lives, in education, and in awakening a socially just, environmentally sustainable future. Click or tap if you trust this link.">


Four university students journey to a remote village in Uganda to discover a radically simple solution to an urgent global problem. Using only the power of the sun, SODIS (Solar Water Disinfection) is cheap, effective, and has the potential to save a million lives. 'A Simpler Way' explores the need for simple, affordable solutions to global development issues and the role of personal experience in meaningful, transformative education. Directed by Michael O. Snyder. Produced by Tom Bowling and Doug Baer. Interdependent Pictures and Frostburg State University in association with WaterSchool. All rights reserved ©2016. Click or tap if you trust this link.">




On Kanopy


Renewal is the first feature-length documentary film to capture the vitality and diversity of today's religious-environmental activists. From within their Christian, Jewish, Buddhist and Muslim traditions, Americans are becoming caretakers of the Earth. With great courage, these women and men are re-examining what it means to be human and how we live on this planet. Their stories of combating global warming and the devastation of mountaintop removal, of promoting food security, environmental justice, recycling, and land preservation, and of teaching love and respect for life on Earth are the heart of Renewal. (May have to login with FSU credentials) Segments can also be found here:


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